Monday, March 12, 2012

Tufted Headboard

Hello again!

We recently moved my mother into an assisted living apartment.  Wow, was that a tough one!  We found a really beautiful place and she has a great two room apartment.  We wanted to decorate the "bedroom" really nice since you see it upon entering, but she didn't have a headboard.  Her apartment has very high ceilings (which is awesome) but the little double sized bed looked dwarfed.  So, my assignment was to make a headboard for her. 

Mom had a bench at the foot of her bed that is a light blue velvet.  It is quite old so I knew I wouldn't be able to match it.  Luckily, I found a great woven home dec fabric at JoAnn that had a light blue velvet thread through it! I waited for a sale and got it at 50% off!  Kristi with Addicted 2 Decorating has great, step-by-step instructions on her website.  Check it out, her headboard is fabulous and I'm serious when I say anyone can do this.  You can find these instructions along with a list of materials needed at

Here is the progression of my headboard.  Sorry I didn't snap a pic of it installed (should do that). My instructions are very general in nature.  Kristi has more detailed instructions.

It starts with a sheet of 1/2" MDF cut to the size you'll need.  Home Depot will cut it for you.  Then I curved the top corners using a jigsaw.  Next I added a 2" piece of form (cut to size at JoAnn).  This stuff isn't cheap so watch for a sale.  I got it for 50% off!

After attaching the foam to the board with spray adhesive, I made horizontal grid lines, then added diagnal lines to make the diamond shape. 

Then I cut holes whereever a button will be.  You do this so that the button will lay in the hole nicely.  I used a little drill gadget to start the holes but had the best luck just digging it out with my fingers after the hole is started.  (Kristi fashioned a tool using a pipe elbow.)  Drill a small hole through the MDF in the center of each hole.

Next you lay 2 layers of high loft batting and your fabric layer on top.  Be sure you have plenty of room all the way around, like 10-14" worked for me.

Now the fun begins.  I covered 32 buttons for my headboard (which is a double size) with the same fabric but you could do the buttons however you wish I suppose.  Start in the center hole, at the center grid line and thread the button and attach at the back using a stapler.  Use a strong cord (I found some at Hobby Lobby for less than $2 in the craft section (cheaper than in the home dec section).  Work in horizontal rows, center out first.  This is where two saw horses come in handy because you need to work the top and bottom at the same time.

It's not really pretty at this stage but keep going, it gets better.  After you do the horizontal rows, then go back and do the center holes creating the diamond shape.  That is when the magic starts!

When you have finished every button, turn it over and make sure all the threads are secure.  It will look like this on the back.

Gorgous huh?  Fold over the outer edges all the way around, making little pleats where the buttons line up and secure on back with your staple gun.  Sounds a bit confusing but the fabric really will tell you where to add the pleat.

Then voila! 

Just add some D Ring hooks and hang it on the wall!  I used a mirror hanging kit.

I hope you try this sometime.  It really is easier than you might think.  Be sure to share your project with me!

Happy Turfting!